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Poem: Dark One

14 Jul

Dark One

I worry I am too much chaos. You stand there, in your sweet and indeterminable beauty, and you think I am frail because you see me cower. But I am only crouching, trying to hide from you my soul as it glowers.

I am a stormy soul, oh light one. I worry I might obliterate you if we were to crash together.

Insanity so easily swallows up naked possibility.

I’m worried we would go insane, if I tried to swallow you.

But you are so tempting, you over there with your soft breezes and gentle kisses blown at me with a wave. Your fingers chide my suspicion so cheerfully.

I am fearful to wave back; I do not trust my darkened sensibilities. They can so quickly snuff a greeting so bright as yours.

Ah, but you might taste so sweet, as I devoured you…

And the end of what you promised – well, death need not always be a wretched case.

But would it be so easy for me to say that then as I watched you limp away, wounded?


Poem: Death’s Regret

22 Jun

Death’s Regret

I tire of this death,

I am weary of destruction.

I want nothing more

than to see the end of the day out.


I wish for nightfall

and yearn for explosion.

I ache for the cavernous

to hold me without doubt.


I cannot escape seconds

having none of my own,

and time is a cruel friend

as it only ever leaves me.


Constancy is frozen,

unchanged to the bone,

but I am infinite,

an in-understandable cruelty.


I give relief to the ones that are crying.

I take away the pain of your strife.

I am locked here, while you are escaping.

I am Death. I have no such life.


28 Apr
One day Little Red met Little Snow White
and the two began to fight.
The Wolf to the Queen an apple threw,
winked and said “A bite for two.”
The Evil Stepmother wrote the Sea Witch
and asked how to end a leftover bitch.
The Sea Witch said to take her voice,
force her to grovel, give her no choice.
And all the while Maleficent watched
while crafting a rose unfortunately notched.
She left it for a beast to prick and wait
till an Ivory Tower could learn not to hate.
All curls and eyes, Bell came to the door
wanting to know and to see more – more!
But a bitter starved dragon answered the knock
and now there’s another sheep more asleep in the flock.
Dew-lashed and trusting, on them they fed,
cawing and laughing at hopes to be wed
Knowing that one day they all would be dead.
And the villains slept easy while the princesses bled.