28 Apr
One day Little Red met Little Snow White
and the two began to fight.
The Wolf to the Queen an apple threw,
winked and said “A bite for two.”
The Evil Stepmother wrote the Sea Witch
and asked how to end a leftover bitch.
The Sea Witch said to take her voice,
force her to grovel, give her no choice.
And all the while Maleficent watched
while crafting a rose unfortunately notched.
She left it for a beast to prick and wait
till an Ivory Tower could learn not to hate.
All curls and eyes, Bell came to the door
wanting to know and to see more – more!
But a bitter starved dragon answered the knock
and now there’s another sheep more asleep in the flock.
Dew-lashed and trusting, on them they fed,
cawing and laughing at hopes to be wed
Knowing that one day they all would be dead.
And the villains slept easy while the princesses bled.

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