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You are cordially invited… ;)

1 Oct

Hello lovely readers! You all are invited to a party. On the internet. For a book! 🙂

I try not to throw a bunch of promotional crap at you all in my blog posts (ewwww marketing), since I really hate writing advert kind of stuff and you and I both have better writing to attend to (brand name dropping is so BO-RING!), but one of my fellow writers has a pretty brilliant goal he’d like to reach and, well, it involves buying some stuff.

(Caveat to the above paragraph: If I’m the one who’s got some writing to sell, I’ll probably plug it to y’all like no other. Seriously. Y’all might need to create your very own special email filter just for me. But I’ll try not to be that bad. 😉 )

Anyhoo. Mommy Man (a.k.a. Jerry Mahoney, one of my favorite bloggers-con-authors) is releasing a book about how he “went from mild-mannered geek to gay superdad” – which in and of itself is awesome. I mean, HOORAH SNAGGING A PUBLISHER!

But Mommy Man’s got a scheme to hatch that’s about as big as a four-year-old’s temper tantrum, so he needs OUR help!

Mommy Man wants to try to break into the ranks of the top 1000 books sold on Amazon. And in order to do that, he needs people – lots and lots and lots of people – to buy his book.

The catch? It’s gotta be ALL AT ONCE.

Or, you know, as close to “all at once” as possible. So here’s the dealio: this Friday, October 4th, at as close to whatever 12:00PM EDT translates to in your time zone as you can get, go to Amazon.com and pre-order Mommy Man’s book. Here’s the link you’ll need:


Not sure you want to read the book? Go check out his blog (jerry-mahoney.com) and skim a few posts. You’ll pretty much either be fist-pumping and shouting “YES!” or falling out of your seat in stitches. And if you’re not, then I think you’ve probably broken either your funny or your feeling, and you should really get that looked at as soon as possible.

Anyhoo. This isn’t about making money off the preorders. It’s about helping one writer-dad’s dream happen. Because really, us writers, we don’t work for pay. We work for pride.

And when it comes to Mommy Man and his book, Pride is a really good thing.