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an attempt at a webcomic

2 Jan

I am by no means a webcomic artist. I have huge respect for the hordes of magnificent digital artists out there. Erica Moen, Christine Sun, you guys blow me away. And then there’s Randall Munroe, who fucking manages to make goddamn stick figures look emotionally expressive even though they have no goddamn face. Seriously. It’s fine, Randall. You can just go and be a god of visual subtext like that. Whatever.

But anyhoo. I’m going to occasionally do this thing where I maybe make a “webcomic, by which I actually mean I will throw panels at you all of anguishingly rudimentary stickpeople who have bitter writer problems. I’m tentatively calling it “Write with Sarcasm.”

Because this is my blog. I can do whatever I goddamn want! So there!

Ahem. *Stops stamping foot like a two year old and puts clothes back on.* I’ll just leave that comic thing here now…

Write with Sarcasm

because your writing apparently doesn't just speak for itself.