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23 Feb

A poem for Fantasy.


I would like a Tardis to fly away

or perhaps a Wardrobe to crawl through.

Some pixie dust or powdered Floo

might do in case of a pinch,

or perhaps a heated air balloon

might be just the cinch.

I’d like to jump a rattling train

to cross the city bounds,

or follow up a couple clues

chased down by the Hounds.

I’d take a sequence of bricks to tap

or an amulet that listens to runes,

the kind of ring that knows a place

hummed in fireside tunes.

And perhaps a ship or craft would do

to bring me Somewhere Else –

just put me anywhere, anywhere

they say exists in those dreams upon the shelf.

7 Highly Dangerous Phrases

3 Feb

could be dangerous SH

7 Highly Dangerous Phrases

1) There’s still tomorrow.

2) I love you.

3) Us. (or Them.)

4) Never. (or Always.)

5) Not enough.

6) I believe.

7) Trust me.

Every phrase purveys a risk. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.