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10 Jan

orion constellation art

It’s odd, that Orion the Hunter would be my favorite constellation. That I would have in me a love for something so strange to my nature.

Perhaps it’s because he was the first constellation I was ever able to pick out from the night sky on my own. Perhaps it’s because if he is in the sky, then I can always find him. Perhaps it’s because I just know that he’s there, know the stars that outline his existence. He is familiar. And that is comforting.

It’s odd, how sometimes things so different, so contrary to ourselves are what we cling to, because they are familiar.

Or perhaps I do find a kindred spirit, beyond the acts, in the man the gods put in the sky. He is a Hunter – but in more ways than one, I am too.

We just hunt different things. He seeks animals that are not lost. I seek the animal that I am to become.

But both of us, when we find those things, devour them.



The self is a funny thing.

2 Dec

Because I sat down to journal about one thing, and in the end found that I’d apparently needed to write about something else entirely.

Sort of.


“It’s funny, in a way. Weird. You sit down to write one thing, and suddenly your mind has something entirely else coming out your fingers. Funny, how you can have so many selves at the same time. The self your brain is spinning a tale of off the top of its tongue, the self you’re thinking right now. The self who thinks that this is what you have to say, this is what you have to write.

And then there’s the self that flies off your fingertips, once you start to let your soul do the talking.

Funny, being a self.”