Tales of Life

1 Jan

tales of life cover

So, I’m a starving artist. Figuratively. My treatment team would get on me if I were actually starving.

But anyhoo, I’m a starving artist who loves animals and intends to be a vet someday. But the thing about becoming a vet – I must first go to vet school, which means I must first pay for vet school.

Well darn. That’s an inconvenient wrinkle.

Though vet school is over a year away, I’m starting to save up now. And I’m hoping that some of you wouldn’t mind helping – in exchange for a poem or few. I’ve published my second e-book, Tales of Life, and the royalties from its sales are going into my vet school fund.

Tales of Life is a collection of poems that are, simply, about life. They are tales of Mondays and scraped knees, of TV dinners and apartment buildings. They are tales of beauty in the commonplace, of second glances given to the quotidienne.

I hope you find as much wonder in the everyday as I do.


Buy Miceala’s Tales of Life here.


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